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Sale 389 Lot 1 | Guide £750-£800

A most extensive original collection of many 1000's different offered intact in five cartons being one persons lifetime accumulation in Stockbooks, Albums, Packets, Boxes with many solid sections. There is a range of World material in Ten Albums/Stockbooks, an extensive lot of Japan/Ryukyu Islands UM in two Stockbooks (100's all different), Stockbook full of Austria with 1950's commems, GB a book full of mint. Early maxim cards, Packets galore with useful World mint. USA Inc. Old ranges on pages. A substantial intact collection of used Russia with Two Albums and many sets in packets with better 1950's MS and sets, France with excellent ranges Inc. popular art stamps, Commonwealth Inc. Pakistan 1948 KGVI 15r + 25r mint. Cyprus 1964 defin set to £1 ovpt specimen, Australia with fine sets and several stamp booklets, many sets and a terrific variety of material. This is an original lot. Vast.

Sale 389 Lot 2 | Guide £50-£60

ADMIRAL LORD CHARLES BERESFORD - GCB, GCVO, FRSGS (10 February 1846 – 6 September 1919), styled Lord Charles Beresford between 1859 and 1916, British admiral and MP, he was eligible to enter the House of Commons, combining the two careers, he made a reputation as a hero in battle and champion of the navy in Parliament - signatures in ink on piece & also on a picture postcard of him in Naval uniform.

Sale 389 Lot 3 | Guide £50-£60

AIRCRAFT - 100 years of powered flight 2003 pristine collection of 138 different FDC for commonwealth sets each cover with a single stamp excellent for FU sets. Bargain.

Sale 389 Lot 4 | Guide £50-£60

Airletters superb unused with letter from Barbados 6d, Grenada 12c, 7c, 6d, Trinidad & Tobago 12c, 5c, Bahamas 7d, a very good collection of 18 air letters from different parts of BWI

Sale 389 Lot 5 | Guide £200-£250

AIRMAILS - From early to more modern commercial mail. 1930 Env. Sent to France with Scadta 5c + 20c standard 4c added. Canal Zone Airmail 20c. 1931 Regd. Env. From Madagascar multiple franked. 1945 Env with Senegal and Mauritania frankings sent to France. 1933 GB West Country Air Service. 1931 Env. From Egypt multiple franking with Airmail Label Egypt, Iraq and India "Post on Fridays". A very good lot of 140 covers.

Sale 389 Lot 6 | Guide £180-£200 | Unmount Mint

ALDERNEY Unmounted mint in packets with sets to 2016 with many high value stamps in £3, £4, £5, £10 with a face value over £275, a very fine lot 100's of stamps + MS.

Sale 389 Lot 7 | Guide £250-£280 | Unmount Mint

AN INTERESTING MIXED LOT In Packets and a Stockbook with very good French Colonies MS UM noting French Polynesia 1969 Tahiti and 1971 Sport Sheets (c£450), 75 different TOGO MS, Taiwan Sheetlets, various in a well filled stockbook with much UM. A good variety of material with high CV and much UM.

Sale 389 Lot 8 | Guide £150-£180

AN INTERESTING OLD EMPIRE SELECTION in a pocket book (190+ stamps) mixed condition but some high value pickings to extract. Johore $100 SG77 as a rare fiscal used block 4 (stained), Kuwait KGV inverted overprint errors (4), Trinidad 1935 72c Falls Corner block 4 um, NSW 20/- ovpt specimen, Canada QV to 20c mint, Brunei first issues inc 25c fu, high cv.

Sale 389 Lot 9 | Guide £250-£300 | Mint

ARABIA - old pages and stockcards with better pickings with issues to 1964. 1938 Bahrain KGVI ovpts with values to 5r inc 12a SG31 (c£170), Qatar QEII Castle ovpts both sets (c£95), 1961 Sultan set (c£120), Muscat 1960 defin set (c£90), 1955 Castle 2/- (3), 5/- (2) (c£78), Aden QEII defin to 20/- with shades over 210 stamps each different, highly catalogue.

Sale 389 Lot 10 | Guide £80-£90

ASIA Old Packets and Stockcards with many different stamps from Turkey, Japan, Vietnam, Levant, Ryukus, Collector purchased but never sorted 100's of stamps, mainly UM.

2715 lots in 272 page(s)