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Sale 367 Lot 1 | Guide £80-£90

ART using stamps three album pages signed by W Barrow two of women in costumes 3rd of cameo head style all using mainly Edward and KGV GB stamps colourful and interesting lot.

Sale 367 Lot 2 | Guide £50-£60

Airmail Cover. Experimental Uruguay flight Montevideo to Rocha multi stamped, special cachets etc. Nice.

Sale 367 Lot 3 | Guide £70-£80

AIRMAIL ETIQUETTE cancelled (4) Fiji to Accra sent by sea to Australia by air to Cairo then by sea to Gold Coast despite the manuscript "Australia - Egypt" has going via UK, may New Zealand to South Africa intended for the abortive silver jubilee was sent by sae to Australia, N.Rhodesia to USA 6d rate flight was delayed the etiquette was cancelled din the UK, South Africa to USA with insufficiently paid Hs etiquette crossed our sent by sea to USA.

Sale 367 Lot 4 | Guide £40-£45

AIRMAIL/WRECK two items cover carried aboard Francesco De Pinedo flight (only 500 carried) Radio Test cover Carried By De Monteverde Brothers (crashed) very fine and unusual.

Sale 367 Lot 5 | Guide £500-£550 | Mint

OMNIBUS SILVER JUBILEE Commonwealth collection appearing complete (ex Egypt) fresh mint in special album inc South Africa etc. The quality is very good and fresh (250+).

Sale 367 Lot 6 | Guide £80-£90

Interrupted flights four covers 1935 January Kenya to Germany, March Amsterdam to Omaruru, September S.Africa to UK and 1936 February Basutoland to France. Each with typed up details.

Sale 367 Lot 7 | Guide £100-£120

Flight covers with useful picking Switzerland 1938 Aaran air MS on cover first day of issue special cancel, 1938 Aarau balloon flight with 50h and 1fr air with special cancel, 1939 Poland anniv flight covers (8) with different town and city cachets, 1938 Canada to England air mail env with 6c air and 20c special delivery express endorsed on reverse also carried on the "Queen May" on her record West to East crossing of the Atlantic. A good lot of 30 items.

Sale 367 Lot 8 | Guide £80-£90

KGVI Johore collection inc Sultan Ibrahim 12c ultramarine and 30c dull purple and orange SG 114 and 117 (c£66), 1940 8c Sultan SG 130, 1948 Silver Wedding set, 1949 definitives to $1 (25) with shades, 1949 UPU set cat £215+.

Sale 367 Lot 9 | Guide £50-£60 | Mint

KGVI Coronation Omnibus sets 34 inc. Hong Kong fine used. A solid collection.

Sale 367 Lot 10 | Guide £50-£60 | Mint

KGVI Malta collection 1938 definitives with values to 10/- (20) Self-Government set to 10/- (24), Victory, Coronation, Royal Visit, Scapulor, UPU sets all fresh mint.

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