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Sale 353 Lot 1 | Guide £600-£700 | Unmount Mint

SILVER JUBILEE collection of 60 sets missing Egypt, Mauritius (1r) and Swaziland (3d) to complete all UM seldom seen UM.

Sale 353 Lot 2 | Guide £400-£450 | Mint

SILVER JUBILEE omnibus collection fresh mint (ex Egypt and KUT) sixty one sets good for study as so many minor varieties appear on these issues.

Sale 353 Lot 3 | Guide £880-£900 | Used

SILVER JUBILEE Omnibus complete inc Egypt ovpt also seen KUT 20c diagonal line by turret, seldom seen with the Egypt stamp all fine used.

Sale 353 Lot 4 | Guide £120-£140

KGV AIRMAIL flight covers with extensive details March 6d franking sent to Hong Kong with London FS airmail cds, Feb set to Nigeria endorsed first official flight England - Nigeria Oct sent to Nigeria and then redirected back to the UK, Mar illustr cover sent to Malmo and returned back to the UK. An interesting group of 6 covers.

Sale 353 Lot 5 | Guide £60-£70

FLIGHT COVER from Macau to UK via Hong Kong with 8 different Macau frankings inc airs ovpt set of six special cancel serial airmail hs and special Macau - USA cachet, scarce cover.

Sale 353 Lot 6 | Guide £50-£60 | Mint

KGVI CORONATION Omnibus set of 202 stamps mint.

Sale 353 Lot 7 | Guide £100-£120

AROUND the world flight cover with stamps of Hong Kong 15c + 25c, GB 5d + 10d and Canada 20c (2) + 50c with Hong Kong regd label and special flight cachet, scarce cover.

Sale 353 Lot 8 | Guide £220-£240 | Unmount Mint

KGV collection of silver wedding sets mint seen UM note Aden with requisition numbers UM, Solomon 1s U, Gambia UM, St Vincent UM, a good lot of 24 sets.

Sale 353 Lot 9 | Guide £1200-£1300 | Unmount Mint

KGVI SILVER WEDDING 48 sets for the British Commonwealth unmounted mint inc many better countries, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Singapore, superb quality.

Sale 353 Lot 10 | Guide £1100-£1200 | Mint

KGVI Omnibus 1948 Silver Wedding sets and 1949 UPU sets in a KGVI Silver Wedding album lightly mounted mint.

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