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Sale 352 Lot 1 | Guide £500-£600 | Used

OLD PRINTED pages with over 4000 stamps, seen Belgium 1893 Sunday labels to 2f (12), 1851 Denmark 4rbs, 1907 King Frederik set of 7 FU, Germany 1872 ½g, 1g, 2c, 5g FU, 7k used, 1874 9k mint and Germany Colonie issues, France Peace and Commerce to 5f and a range of Colonies, GB 1840 Penny Black (poor), 1874 env with pen illustration, Edward to 10/-, Switzerland Standing Helvetias to 3fr Sitting to 3fr. A very good range of early issues with better pickings chiefly used.

Sale 352 Lot 2 | Guide £220-£250 | Mint

OLD PAGES with a valuable range of Azores 1894 Navigator to 150r (10) chiefly FU, 1895 St Anthony 500r FU (c£160), 1898 Vasc da Gama set of 8 FU, Republica ovpts, postage dues. A fine range of 130+ stamps.

Sale 352 Lot 3 | Guide £120-£130 | Mint

PARIS PHILATELIC EXHIBITION Raymond Poincare portrait labels as imperf sheetlets of 20 in four diff colours superb and most unusual early exhib items.

Sale 352 Lot 4 | Guide £90-£95

PARIS PHILATELIC EXHIBITION Raymond Poincare superb sunken die proof of the 10c in light red brown on thick paper (210 x 310mm) superb show piece.

Sale 352 Lot 5 | Guide £75-£80

ZEPPELIN 1913 very early flown Luftpost card franked 10pf tied Dusseldorf airmail cds and with blue 10pf airship label tied by D265 hs. Very unusual.

Sale 352 Lot 6 | Guide £150-£180 | Unmount Mint

FRENCH COLONIES - ALGERIA very fine collection of 438 stamps mint with much UM, 1924/25 ovpts to 5f, 1926/41 to 20f, 1927 Wounded Soldiers, 1930 Centenary, 1936/40 to 20f, 1939 Pioneers, 1949/53 airs to 500f. A very good old time lot with a high cat value.

Sale 352 Lot 7 | Guide £60-£70

FIRST FLIGHT covers in special folders Kenya to Capetown with special airmail label and Kenya to UK airmail envelope folders showing route flown (2).

Sale 352 Lot 8 | Guide £40-£45

AIRMAIL/WRECK two items cover carried aboard Francesco De Pinedo flight (only 500 carried) Radio Test cover Carried By De Monteverde Brothers (crashed) very fine and unusual.

Sale 352 Lot 9 | Guide £700-£750 | Mint

SILVER JUBILEE Commonwealth omnibus set of 249 diff stamps (ex Egypt seal) fine mint several interesting plate varieties are highlighted in the lot. A fine set.

Sale 352 Lot 10 | Guide £500-£550 | Mint

SILVER JUBLIEE OMNIBUS Commonwealth collection appearing complete (ex Egypt) fresh mint in special album inc South Africa etc. The quality is very good and fresh (250+).

3353 lots in 336 page(s)