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Sale 372 Lot 1 | Guide £280-£300 | Unmount Mint

QEII GREAT BRITAIN 1953/82 the substantial M/UM collection in packed New Age Album (very many 100's with lots of extras) Wildings with graphites, every good early phos commem set inc Lifeboat and Red Cross. A range of missing phosphor commem stamps UM with better 1973 booklet panes and a range of older booklets, Machins with varieties, Postage dues regionals with many completed pages. Excellent original lot.

Sale 372 Lot 2 | Guide £35-£40

SILVER JUBILEE New Zealand set on superb registered cover SG 573/5 choice.

Sale 372 Lot 3 | Guide £300-£350 | Mint

Silver Jubilee omnibus sets (36) cat £950 inc the scarce Egypt overprint SG A10 mint.

Sale 372 Lot 4 | Guide £100-£120

AROUND the world flight cover with stamps of Hong Kong 15c + 25c, GB 5d + 10d and Canada 20c (2) + 50c with Hong Kong regd label and special flight cachet, scarce cover.

Sale 372 Lot 5 | Guide £180-£200 | Unmount Mint

KGVI SILVER WEDDING Omnibus Sets UM for British Africa 10 different sets, Pristine inc. Basutoland, Bechuanaland, Nyasaland and Swaziland. (20).

Sale 372 Lot 6 | Guide £500-£550 | Mint

KGVI Silver wedding sets (67) ex Hong Kong and Singapore cat £1875 fresh mint.

Sale 372 Lot 7 | Guide £60-£70 | Mint

UPU British Commonwealth sets (73) mint.

Sale 372 Lot 8 | Guide £120-£150

FIRST FLIGHT stage covers London to Tokyo BOAC Comet Jetliner Service covers (33) with typed addresses.

Sale 372 Lot 9 | Guide £50-£60

WRECK MAIL large regd envelope with KGVI 2/6d, QEII 6d damaged with Salvaged Mail/Aircraft Crash/Prestwick 25-12-54 boxed cachet.

Sale 372 Lot 10 | Guide £30-£35

WRECK MAIL On Her Britannic Majesty's Service envelope going to Canada with Salvaged Mail/Aircraft Crash/Prestwick 25-12-54 boxed cachet on the front and back of the envelope.

2948 lots in 295 page(s)