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Sale 392 Lot 1 | Guide £80-£90

220+ Different Jersey FDC with complete sets to 2006 in very fine condition noting values to £5. A bargain.

Sale 392 Lot 2 | Guide £80-£90

270+ Different Guernsey FDC with complete sets to 2006 in very fine condition - A bargain.

Sale 392 Lot 3 | Guide £250-£280 | Unmount Mint

A COLLECTION OFFERED IN ITS ENTIRITY Housed in three cartons 18+ volumes with a collection of GB from KGVI Arms to £1 FU, Wedding £1 mint, a useful selection of postage dues, extensive QEII with UM sets in blocks, defins with regional's, Channel Isle Inc. Wartime issues, Bisects on covers, Jersey views on cover, other FDC, stamps in packets. Terrific quantity and a great variety of material (1000's)

Sale 392 Lot 4 | Guide £60-£70

Air traffic Control Flight Dockets (7) plus 17 covers. 1969/77 period mainly with special illustrated cancels.

Sale 392 Lot 5 | Guide £40-£45 | Mint

AIRMAIL - Monaco 1946 set of seven fresh mint (most UM) SG323/26c Cat. £275.

Sale 392 Lot 6 | Guide £150-£200

AIRMAIL COVERS an interesting range of 70 covers/cards. 1946 Env from Poland to USA with 3022 H. 1930's covers from Venezuela to UK. Multiple franked. 1940 Pan-Am 50th Anniversary cachet o a Env. sent USA. 1933 Env. sent from UK to Bucarest with Berlin flight cachet, a selection of first flight covers signed by their pilots (6).

Sale 392 Lot 7 | Guide £70-£75

AIRMAILS - Including Pilot signed and RAF special flights. 1971/82 Collection of 70 different fine flight covers in an Album Inc. Balloon flights, Est. £1 a cover.

Sale 392 Lot 8 | Guide £120-£130

ALDERNEY AND GUERNSEY UM with premium contents and face value £270+ with issues to 2006 Inc many complete sets, MS, Defins. to £10, early postage dues and more. 100's. To clear.

Sale 392 Lot 9 | Guide £280-£300

AN ENTIRE COLLECTION HOUSED IN TWO CARTONS. Very diverse Inc. a remarkable small Gold Embossed Album dating from 1869 with an early postmark range. An Album of World Classic's stuck down, very mixed Inc. Netherlands first issues, USA 1869 30c Orange, India 1854 2a, 4a cut to shape, a battered Lincoln World Album with very old contents Stockbook of General Inc. NZ QV Chalon Classic's (4) Inc. very fine 3d FU, over 100 GB Penny Reds used and 2d Blues plate 9 (50) very mixed. A substantial lot of Tuvalu new issues in Glassines from 1976 with gutter blocks and high values, Tuvalu collection in an Album with 1976 ovpts. OHMS ovpts. Used on covers, Royalty issues Inc. 1978 uncut sheetlets collection and much more offered entirely as received (1000'S).

Sale 392 Lot 10 | Guide £150-£180

An interesting old balance lot on Pages, Stockbooks, Albums. 1000's of stamps mostly all different Inc Zanzibar M and U ranges Inc. 1949 10/- Wedding Mint. 1957 values to 10/-. 1961 to 20/-, KUT Edward issues mint, Stockbook of GB with early 1960's sets mint, 3 well filed volumes of world Inc. Yemen with imperf sheetlets plenty of material.

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