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Sale 387 Lot 1 | Guide £500-£600 | Mint

PHANTOM & BOGUS STAMPS - written up and presented in an album, we see issues for countries or states that were never officially sanctioned, note Deh Sedang 1889 seven different used, Bateke 3 diff, Counani two different proofs in carmine, Azad Hind photographic essays, Franz Joseph Land 3 diff incl. triangular, Ile Roy circa 1970s group, New Atlantis pair, Utah 1852 5c depicts Brigham Young, La Guaira, New Hebrides 1903 Missionary stamp (collector paid £77 and states it to be rare), various Zemstvos, Occussi Ambeno 1977 colourful set of Birds, Cook Island in mint multiples AND MORE, note some forgeries and other interesting items (couple 100s).

Sale 387 Lot 2 | Guide £350-£370 | Mint

Great Eastern Railway parcel stamps, Express newspaper, Express parcel, Newspaper, Packages and letter stamps note 1879 2d Express parcel unused, Express Newspaper 4d imperf unused. 1866 Four Newspapers 2d unused. A good group of 51 stamps.

Sale 387 Lot 3 | Guide £120-£150 | Mint

ROYALTY - BOGUS & PHANTOM ISSUES - incl. Diamond Jubilee set of 7, set of 4 produced by W.S. Lincoln, two cameo labels (possibly envelope seals), 1911 Coronation set produced by "Union for Philanthropic Philately," 1937 large set of labels, also see Mercury Airmail Essay in five different colours and MORE (80 labels).

Sale 387 Lot 4 | Guide £50-£60 | Mint

SHAKESPEARE - group of Cinderella labels incl. three different colour 1s "Shakespeare Stamp" sold in aid of the Church Fund in Stratford-upon-Avon, two have clear Stratford postmarks, also incl. 1964 reprint of these and a mystery group inscribed "Verona," all with "Ten Shyloks" value inscribed. Mostly clean & fine (11 labels).

Sale 387 Lot 5 | Guide £350-£400 | Mint

BOER WAR Anti-British propaganda labels in BLOCKS OF FOUR, depicts Napoleon within a frame design similar to the contemporary 1d KEVII stamp, labels in vermilion, black & deep green, each imperforate and without gum. Clean & fine (3 blocks).

Sale 387 Lot 6 | Guide £220-£250 | Mint

WWI PROPAGANDA LABELS - incl. six Winox labels with Lusitania, Edith Cavell & Zeppelin, "Remember Nothing German" in six different colours produced by the "Fine Art Trade Guild," large label with German Arms and "Lusitania - The Blot That Won't Come Off," 1916 "National Philatelic War Fund" in six diff colours, also German "Gott Strafe England" labels in 5 diff colours, plus two oval seals depicting a U-Boat submarine. Generally good to fine (28).

Sale 387 Lot 7 | Guide £160-£180

Airmail postal history - Imperial Airways, Flight Covers (9) 1933 env. Dar-Es-Salaam to Mombasa via Wilson Airways. 1933 env. Redg. Form Manyoni to Nairobi charged at 65c inc 35c air rate but sent over land. 1934 second accelerated service env. From the UK to South Africa. 1934 env. From UK to Mbeya new 6d rate endorsed. 1937 env. UK to Abyssinia endorsed airmail via Rome. An interesting group.

Sale 387 Lot 8 | Guide £80-£90

Interrupted flights four covers 1935 January Kenya to Germany, March Amsterdam to Omaruru, September S.Africa to UK and 1936 February Basutoland to France. Each with typed up details.

Sale 387 Lot 9 | Guide £100-£120

Flight covers with useful picking Switzerland 1938 Aaran air MS on cover first day of issue special cancel, 1938 Aarau balloon flight with 50h and 1fr air with special cancel, 1939 Poland anniv flight covers (8) with different town and city cachets, 1938 Canada to England air mail env with 6c air and 20c special delivery express endorsed on reverse also carried on the "Queen May" on her record West to East crossing of the Atlantic. A good lot of 30 items.

Sale 387 Lot 10 | Guide £80-£90 | Mint

CORONATION Sets in an Album both mint and used (404 stamps) Cat. £460.

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