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Sale 401 Lot 1 | Guide £200-£240

A collection of 54 modern autographed fdc to 2001 in 3 special albums, pristine condition noting Dame Judy Dench, Lester Piggott, Doctor Who, Sir Ranulph Fiennes & many more. Good lot.

Sale 401 Lot 2 | Guide £300-£360 | Unmount Mint

A MOST EXTENSIVE LOT HOUSED IN 3 CARTONS (1000's of stamps) with Great Britain, Isle of Man and Jersey. All new issues 1969 to about 2002 all UM. Plus lots of other material, colossal face value in UM. sets with many sets in presentation packs. Offered as received. Excellent lot.

Sale 401 Lot 3 | Guide £650-£750

A MOST SUBSTANTIAL Worldwide estate lot housed in fifty volumes. Terrific Worldwide representation. Many 1000's all different with strength in M/UM material. The lot includes strong collections of Australia + NZ with many sets FU, there is a substantial range of Channel Isle UM sets in presentation packs, many Albums are top quality Lighthouse Stockbooks with much UM Commonwealth sets. This lot is offered as it came into the office with nothing removed. (Five packed cartons).

Sale 401 Lot 4 | Guide £120-£140

ACCESSORIES - Safe Signoscope (model 9886) retail £230 on safe site. Professional watermark detector. As new in Box, all papers, works perfectly also 4 unopened packs of Polyprotec wallets (medium), Stamp 1d, Cards, Stockcards, Packets all as new (100's).

Sale 401 Lot 5 | Guide £50-£60

ADMIRAL LORD CHARLES BERESFORD - GCB, GCVO, FRSGS (10 February 1846 – 6 September 1919), styled Lord Charles Beresford between 1859 and 1916, British admiral and MP, he was eligible to enter the House of Commons, combining the two careers, he made a reputation as a hero in battle and champion of the navy in Parliament - signatures in ink on piece & also on a picture postcard of him in Naval uniform.

Sale 401 Lot 6 | Guide £250-£300

AFRICA cover mass with lots of fdc's featuring complete sets (useful for fu sets) Rhodesia inc defins, 1966 Rhopex sheet, 1966 to £1, South Africa inc defins, SWA, some stamps excellent quality with over 400 items.

Sale 401 Lot 7 | Guide £200-£220

Airmail booklet of labels panes, booklet covers all 1930's period inc imperial airway booklets (4), air France booklets (3), exploded booklets, a very good lot of 44 items will make a good study lot.

Sale 401 Lot 8 | Guide £280-£300

AN IMPERIAL PRINTED ALBUM for Empire Vol II - issues from 1928 (scarce album) moderately well filled with cwlth KGV + KGVI with useful all diff ranges with much mint, values to 1/-, some higher to 10/-, KGVI part sets, KGV silver jubilees, India KGV 25r. Nice old-timer. (several 1000 stamps all diff).

Sale 401 Lot 9 | Guide £80-£90

An interesting collection of covers, waterfalls and windmills inc early ppc's of waterfalls (11) with real photo type covers with stamp showing many different waterfalls. A few covers with stamps showing windmills, a very good lot of 60 covers/cards.

Sale 401 Lot 10 | Guide £250-£280 | Unmount Mint

AN INTERESTING MIXED LOT In Packets and a Stockbook with very good French Colonies MS UM noting French Polynesia 1969 Tahiti and 1971 Sport Sheets (c£450), 75 different TOGO MS, Taiwan Sheetlets, various in a well filled stockbook with much UM. A good variety of material with high CV and much UM.

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