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Sale 413 Lot 1 | Guide £350-£380

A BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Carton containing Six Albums with very fine intact collections, good mint Malta 1926/84 with substantial contents (Cat about £750). 1926 Postage ovpt. to 10/-, Wedding £1 extensive QEII UM sets. An extensive collection of Ireland with UM sets noting 1986 Europa and fine used with values to £5, South Africa FU with modern commems country ranges Inc. Hong Kong Edward to $2 FU. Modern Trinidad FU, Singapore sets FU and much more 1000's all different. Useful pickings here. Much FU.

Sale 413 Lot 2 | Guide £200-£240

A collection of 54 modern autographed fdc to 2001 in 3 special albums, pristine condition noting Dame Judy Dench, Lester Piggott, Doctor Who, Sir Ranulph Fiennes & many more. Good lot.

Sale 413 Lot 3 | Guide £250-£280

A large carton full of DCS's. one collector lot that he never got around to putting in Album, many 100's of covers, with issue to about 2007 with many special cancels moved out of one box into one of our large cartons unchecked.

Sale 413 Lot 4 | Guide £150-£200

A sorter carton with many 1000s of stamps inc GB mint, British Commonwealth, British Empire, covers. A large carton full to the top.

Sale 413 Lot 5 | Guide £360-£400

A substantial original lot that arrived in the office housed in 3 cartons, multi generational family lot. 1000's of stamps, Great Britain early 1960's Commem Cylinder Blocks in an envelope with better UM. Binder full of GB UM QEII noting commem sets to 1996, Regionals to 64p, Machin defins. To £5, Castles to £5 UM (2 different). A collection of USA Inc. fine Harris Printed Album, Worldwide issues in old packets and Albums Inc. Vintage. An old tin containing two poor Penny Blacks. A group of 8 1936 Queen Mary Voyage Covers Etc.

Sale 413 Lot 6 | Guide £250-£300

AFRICA cover mass with lots of fdc's featuring complete sets (useful for fu sets) Rhodesia inc defins, 1966 Rhopex sheet, 1966 to £1, South Africa inc defins, SWA, some stamps excellent quality with over 400 items.

Sale 413 Lot 7 | Guide £200-£220

Airmail booklet of labels panes, booklet covers all 1930's period inc imperial airway booklets (4), air France booklets (3), exploded booklets, a very good lot of 44 items will make a good study lot.

Sale 413 Lot 8 | Guide £60-£65 | Used

AIRMAILS - Austria 1950 birds set vfu SG1215/21 c£400 (7).

Sale 413 Lot 9 | Guide £450-£500 | Mint

An excellent lot of British Commonwealth on many album pages KGVI/early QEII over 1700 diff stamps + 90MS packed with sets, TURKS 1938 KGVI set to 10/- (c£130), wedding um, 1950 defin set, St. Helena 198 defin set (c£140), 1953 defin set, 1961 set (c£130), Tristan 1954 to 1961 all 3 defin sets (c£245) & much more. A good number of definitive issues.

Sale 413 Lot 10 | Guide £80-£90

An interesting collection of covers, waterfalls and windmills inc early ppc's of waterfalls (11) with real photo type covers with stamp showing many different waterfalls. A few covers with stamps showing windmills, a very good lot of 60 covers/cards.

2444 lots in 245 page(s)