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Sale 399 Lot 1 | Guide £100-£120

A PAIR OF VICTORIAN LINCOLN WORLD STAMP ALBUMS with very old and varied contents, one album is better featuring interesting ranges.

Sale 399 Lot 2 | Guide £60-£70

AFRICA Powerful SPECIMEN overprint selection (6) all sadly with faults Inc. Transvaal 1903 £1 + £5 SG258/9 (normals £2500!) Toned, Gold Coast QV 10/-, Gambia Cameo's.

Sale 399 Lot 3 | Guide £100-£120

Africa aerogrammes from KGVI inc Swaziland ovpt, Basutoland ovpts, Basutoland QEII new currency ovpts. A fine collection of 80 unused + 12 used.

Sale 399 Lot 4 | Guide £200-£240

AIRMAIL LABELS OF THE WORLD - Interesting accumulation in a carton including MAIR - Catalogue of Airmail labels extensively illustrated, a Stockbook very well filled with worldwide issues, a tin that's full of USA 1940's mint in bundles with very fine designs and formats, etc. Good lot.

Sale 399 Lot 5 | Guide £100-£120

AIRMAIL VIGNETTES/LABELS OF THE WORLD Collection on pages arranged by countries with a good variety Inc. Aden, Argentina, 1950's intact booklet, Germany with earlies Mexico, some complete sheets of earlier Great Britain etc. (few 100)).

Sale 399 Lot 6 | Guide £140-£150 | Used

Ajman 1960s/70s collection of many 100s stamps with many complete sets a superb range of issues fine used.

Sale 399 Lot 7 | Guide £360-£400

AN INTERESTING COLLECTION in a carton. Value is in two volumes of GREAT BRITAIN noting Penny Black 1847 6d + 1/- (2) all very collectable cut square (c£3000), Penny Red Plates, surface prints to 1/-. 1887 Jubilees Inc. 3d + 4½d (pair) mint. 10d Edward UM. 1902 high values to £1 used (poor) KGV Seahorses (14) to 10/-, many later with QEII sets UM, other general material in stockbooks, folders etc. An original accumulation. (many 100's).

Sale 399 Lot 8 | Guide £90-£95

An interesting collection of covers in an Album 50+ items 1950's GB, selected wilding usages Inc. 1955 illegal 5d bisect (passed through the system). BEA private air stamps and similar used on cover, registered Inc. mobile office. Good lot.

Sale 399 Lot 9 | Guide £180-£200

AUSTRIA with lots of useful stamps in a carton with 1000's of stamps in 3 volumes, Pages, Packets extensive VFU with good 1940/50's single issues, Bird high values, Pages Inc. some Occupation issues, mint with 1920's Charity sets and Defins. Terrific variety from this country. Good lot

Sale 399 Lot 10 | Guide £130-£140

Balance of a collectors lot in a carton, note a pair of Windsor albums, stock books (3) many 100's of stamps inc GB UM, 1953 QEII coronation album omnibus issues, mint. A good lot.

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