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Sale 404 Lot 1 | Guide £80-£90 | Unmount Mint

Great Britain Davo printed Album for issues from 1840 to 1990 with many sets from 1971 to 1989 a quality Album with 490 stamps UM, face value of the stamps £78+.

Sale 404 Lot 2 | Guide £300-£350

Great Britain illustrated FDC's in 10 Albums or loose with typed or small label addressed, just Boxed up for retail, unchecked, many 100's of covers in two large boxes.

Sale 404 Lot 3 | Guide £80-£90

220+ Different Jersey FDC with complete sets to 2006 in very fine condition noting values to £5. A bargain.

Sale 404 Lot 4 | Guide £80-£90

270+ Different Guernsey FDC with complete sets to 2006 in very fine condition - A bargain.

Sale 404 Lot 5 | Guide £120-£150

A large carton chiefly filled with British Commonwealth Commemorative Covers (100's), collector purchased them and just left them to one side, needs sorting.

Sale 404 Lot 6 | Guide £150-£180

A most unusual lot of material written up to exhibit standards on a large quantity of pages Inc. Lifeboat Institution Sets of sheetlets of Fund Stamps (11 different). Masonic items, Armed Forces, Banknotes, Printers, Ornate Proofs for Cigar Boxes and Rings, Wine Bottle Labels early Advertising, Sir John Gielgud Signed Letter (1997). Robert Raikes Tokens (2), Superb Victorian Valentine Greeting Card. A rather eccentric lot of unusual material (large Quantity).

Sale 404 Lot 7 | Guide £100-£120 | Unmount Mint

A selection of Worldwide miniature sheets (40) most UM with items Cat. £100+ Inc. Macau 1984 Stamp Cent Sheets (2). 1986 Musical instruments sheet, Saudi Arabia Solar Energy pair of sheets, Thailand etc.

Sale 404 Lot 8 | Guide £600-£700

A VALUABLE LOT OF BRITISH EMPIRE material with country groups & useful old material many 100's all different. Australia with a vfu collection of QEII sets, Bermuda early issues on imperial pages, very good lot of Ireland with many sets, Old Malaya ranges on pages, Nauru very fine m with KGV ovpts to 9d on pages (c£120+), St Vincent pmk collection, Samoa on old pages, Swaziland pre 1960 collection fu, & much more. The quality is generally very good.

Sale 404 Lot 9 | Guide £80-£90

A vintage small stamp accumulation on cards and loose with items kept for a reason Hong Kong KGV 5c Blue mint block 4 (c£100) Southern Rhodesia 1940 1½d Rhodes variety mint, South Africa 1937 1/- missing hyphen pair mint (2), varieties, India Gandhi Anti British Goods Label mint, Brunei first issues used. A small quantity.

Sale 404 Lot 10 | Guide £120-£140 | Unmount Mint

Africa collection of 200+ miniature sheet/sheetlets inc 1966 Malawi butterflies MS, KUT, Nigeria, Ghama, Mauritius, Zambia, Gambia, Botswana cheifly 1960s/80s period a very good range.

2448 lots in 245 page(s)