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Sale 1030 Lot 1 | Guide £200-£220

AIRLETTERS OF THE WORLD In pristine unused condition 150+ different all British Commonwealth issues Inc. India Gandhi Pictorial Types. BWI Tourist Panel issues, Australia OHMS issues ovpt. SPECIMEN, Swaziland New Currency ovpt. South Africa and many more. Exceptional quality.

Sale 1030 Lot 2 | Guide £200-£250 | Mint

ANTI SMOKING, NO SMOKING and related subjects, a most remarkable exhibition collection on 250 pages with carefully selected Stamps, Cards, Covers, Cinderella and related material, superbly presented with lots of interesting stuff, much depicts Skulls and The Symbol of Death, Lungs, Special Covers promoting Health and not Smoking. a most interesting and unusual subject to choose (100's of items).

Sale 1030 Lot 3 | Guide £100-£120 | Mint

ANTI TB and other charity stamps of the world pre 1960, an extensive collection on pages in a file box with much Scandinavian contents chiefly mint, issued to raise funds. Listed in specialist handbooks. Good Lot.

Sale 1030 Lot 4 | Guide £150-£180 | Used

AUSTRALIA fine used 1934/89 wit 1200 different stamps as 300 different complete sets. Good quality as majority cds used. Hugh cv sets to $10 etc.

Sale 1030 Lot 5 | Guide £100-£120 | Used

Brazil in a stockbook over 1000 different issues chiefly fu identified by SG. A fine selection.

Sale 1030 Lot 6 | Guide £250-£280 | Mint

BRITISH AFRICA QEII Complete sets fresh mint in a fine box full of Album Pages 1954/80's, great variety noting Kenya 1954 set to £1. Zanzibar set to 20/-. 1964 local ovpt. Defin sets (2 different). 1966 defin set, Tanzania 1964/71 defin sets (4 different). Sierra Leone Shape sets Inc. Scouts. 89 pages - say 1000+ different stamps as complete sets!.

Sale 1030 Lot 7 | Guide £200-£240

CANADA Mass in a carton with 1000's of stamps Inc. ranges of QV, KGV, KGVI with Coils, values to $1 Inc. 1946 set mint, very extensive QEII UM with issues to 1980's and values to $5. A selection of Year Books Inc. sealed etc. Would benefit from reorganising and remounting. A lot of stamps.

Sale 1030 Lot 8 | Guide £360-£400

CANADA Substantial Eight volume collection of KGVI and QEII with plenty of interesting items such as mint and FU Booklet Panes, many sets, high values etc. 1000's of stamps UM blocks of 4, values to $2, Coil Strips UM, blocks of 4, values to $2, Coil Strips, $1 Fisherman VFU block 4 and single on FDC, KGVI defin sets to $1 M/UM, mint sets and much more. An original lot.

Sale 1030 Lot 9 | Guide £60-£65 | Used

CARTON of general On and Off paper much GB - 1000's of stamps. A sorter.

Sale 1030 Lot 10 | Guide £100-£110

CHEAP LOT OF NEW ZEALAND with a terrific variety of different material with modern commems FU, KGVI mint Inc. blocks. 1913 2½d with very fine Fanning Island CDS, Lighthouse Insurance Stamps FU. Printed album etc. Lots of useful stamps.

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